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Mining Fleet Management

At Monbanc, digital asset mining operations have been simplified for clients. The miner fleet management service allows a complete turn-key solution that helps achieve success in mining while minimising obstacles.

Miner Procurement

Reliable and close relationships with world leaders in the production and design of top tier cryptocurrency mining equipment. Through the years we have built a very strong network that consists of active product sourcing agents across the globe. This gives Monbanc an edge over the competition. We are able to source profitable GPUs & ASIC miners at times where they are most sought-after and scarce.

Hosting Service

Highly secure facilities in efficient, reliable and renewable energy jurisdictions for large-scale enterprise customers, with expansion options secured globally. The professionals at Monbanc can assist clients with the full deployment of infrastructure. Having the right experience and network, the team is able to acheive highly efficient data center buildouts.

Why chose our operations:


Active monitoring and strictly controlled access.


Strategically located for energy pricing, geopolitical and regulatory stability.


Ability to deploy 350+ machines per day per site.


Expansion options secured for the US and Canada.


Data center staff available 24/7 for repair and restoration.

Renewable Energy

Use of clean and renewable energy. Close relationships with power suppliers.

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